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Cheap Apartments For College Students
Why Cheap Apartments for College Students are essential?
As a college student, you'll incur a number of different costs: food, stationary supplies, a computer, books, entertainment - and of course, you'll need a place to live. As a college student, you may be able to have a part time job, but earning money while completing you higher education goals is difficult to say the lease, so cheap apartments for college students are essential
How to find Cheap Apartments for College Students?
You can use the search widget to find a Cheap Apartments for College Students. Select your Region, State or Country, City and Area - this will tell us where in the world you'd like to see cheap apartments. You'll need to set your cheap apartment's price - select this value to determine the maximum rent you'll pay for a cheap apartment. Once you press the 'Submit' button, you'll see results that match your rental criteria.
Cheap Apartments for College Students - Making it Happen?
If you are in a situation where you've spent your first year at college in dorm, then odds are you've had the opportunity to meet many other college students, some who might be in the same financial situation you're in. If you can round up a few friends who want to live together, you can turn a house for rent or apartment for rent into a cheap apartment for college students. This way, you'll still have the support and understanding you had in the dorm but by pooling your resources together, you can have a cheap apartment
What do you need out of a College Apartment?
The best way to find a Cheap Apartment for College Students is to make sure you find an apartment that suits your needs. Ideally, a cheap apartment for college students is close to campus, food and public transportation. It's not important to have lovely views or amenities - often, your college campus can provide various amenities, such as a gym, for college students. It's not important to have a fancy apartment, but a college student should focus on having a cheap apartment.
2/19/2017 Sukie
Temp stay
Older woman lookg for temporary place to stay returning back to college returning to extend assoc degree
12/27/2016 Nee
Moving to NYC August 2017
I am looking to move to NYC for a yr max and looking for a cheap 1 bedroomstudio apt that doesnt exceed 1000. I dont mind sharing with a cool female roomie between ages 18-25. Please contact me if you are looking to room together or have an apt, thank you, Nee
11/30/2016 ciera
Hi. I will be moving to NYC in August 2017 as a college student and housing is limited at the school I will be attending.. So looking for roommate(s) to share rent on an apartment preferably in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Contact me if interested
11/11/2016 Daniela
Looking for apartment and female roommates
A young women moving to NY on December and Iooking to a share apartment with female roommates.
10/25/2016 sasha
apartment in ny
hi im planinng going to ny on december, for about 3 months and i need an apartment, im going with my boyfriend, we are from peru, if anyone know something let me know! thanks
9/6/2016 Salma
affordable apartment in NYC
Hello ! My name is Salma and I will be staying in NYC for 6 months as a transfer student. I am looking for an affordable place close to Columbia university. Thank you in advance !
8/31/2016 Pooja
Searching a place to stay and roommates
Hello. I am Pooja. From India. I will be coming to New York City In September. As a student. As its my first time entering US, i need some guidance in finding apartments to stay. Specially in lower manhattan. Sharing will be better. Thank You.
9/1/2016 Blessing Demian
Cheapest Room shared Housing @ $200 only for Student From Overseas
Please kindly search or reserve a small and less or unfurnished room with say 2-3 roommates occupants in Los Angeles. The price I cannot afford to pay per month is $200, and not exceeding due to low budget sources. I will arrive in Los Angeles by 15th October, 2016 for Grad Fair and Schooling. I am a cool, focus, determined, intelligent, creative and talented person with committed efforts, humility, honesty, loyalty, respect for elders, laws and order; above all love for humanity and God the creator. So I promise you cool of mind and fun during my sojourn in your subletting room apartment @ $200 only. Please talk to me about this issue of cheap housing and how you can assist me in the process. Thank you for understanding and cooperation in anticipation! Sincerely, Blessing Demian
8/27/2016 Johanne Fenelon
college students low price rent
8/12/2016 Sophie Robert
Need place from Jan to May to study at Columbia
Young woman willing to share a place with multiple people if necessary, looking for a price range of $500-750month for an apartment, preferably in West Harlem.
7/28/2016 Lucy
Student housing
I will be leaving for college in September and I plan living off campus. A one bedroom with kitchen and bathroom that is affordable and the location is brooklyn.
5/30/2016 TamikaWrite Comment
Housing for college student
Seeking a studio or one bedroom apt for rent. If you know of anyone renting please seek me out. Also, I am willing to share a two bed room apt. Please contact me. Thanks, Tamika
5/4/2016 tolani rahmanWrite Comment
1 bedroom apartment for college student
Hi, Ill be coming to new York august and I need an apartment not exceeding $500 also I dont mind sharing
4/30/2016 DashanaWrite Comment
Studio rental $500-$800 (Lease up in October)
Hello I am currently renting a room as I finish my undergrad studies this May 2016. Im look for a studio that I can rent for $800 at the most once my lease is up in October. You can reach me at my email indicated above. Please feel free to contact me.
3/11/2016 RalphWrite Comment
rooms available in NY in an apartment for only females and one open to males and females
If youre looking for a room in NYC (or a complete apartment if you act quickly)that is affordable, safe and decent with a reasonable commute to most of the city, I have rooms available in NY in an apartment for only females and in one open to males and females.
3/11/2016 RalphWrite Comment
rooms available in NY in an apartment for only females and one open to males and females
If youre looking for a room in NYC (or a complete apartment if you act quickly)that is affordable, safe and decent with a reasonable commute to most of the city, I have rooms available in NY in an apartment for only females and in one open to males and females.
3/6/2016 KimberlyWrite Comment
Need a apartment and female roommate
I really looking for an apartmentto rent in the Los Angeles County area atleast 200$ monthly and if i find a roomate maybe 400$ please help
2/17/2016 ElenaWrite Comment
Seeking cheap apartment with 1 bedroom or studio
I am a college student and moving to Seattle in summer. Looking for a cheap apartment. No credit check.Cheap apartment in a safe area and $500 - $700.
1/4/2016 DAngelo AdamsWrite Comment
Need to sublet 3 bedroom for 3 (or more) months
I and my classmates will be graduating from AMDA next month (Feb 2016) and want to stay in the area. Willing to move to Crown Heights, AstoriaQueens, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Bushwick, N. HarlemWashington Heights. There are three of us and we can pay $700 each. We are non-smoking, non-partying, have no pets and will take care of your place. Please email if you have something available. Thank you!
9/2/2015 vWrite Comment
Studio needed
9/4/2015 Kerin nova Write Comment
Seeking for a studioroom for college student
Looking for a cheap studio to live in I live in Florida and Im moving to New York for school and looking for a room or a studio Im a really cool guy and I love to have fun also have a job as soon as I get to New York
8/8/2015 StephanieWrite Comment
Looking for a place and female roommate
Looking for a place that is in Los Angeles County that will be willing to rent for 200 a month or 400 but have two people paying for the 400. It could be a family renting the room, doesnt matter. Also looking for a roommate willing to share the rent price, but must respect my stuff. Let me know. Sounds crazy but Im desperate.
6/8/2015 LillyWrite Comment
Looking for a place for a college student
Im looking for a one bedroom apartment or a studio. I live in Texas currently but Im moving to New York in August. I dont mind roommates. Please contact me if you have any info. Please serious inquiries only!
6/9/2015 Jim GambleWrite Comment
One studio apartment in Illinois
I have a studio apartment for rent at 2301 6th Avenue Moline, Illinois. The rent fee is $550 per month. Heater included and it is fully furnished. Contact me via email if interested,
5/12/2015 Siobhan McLennonWrite Comment
Two Sublets Needed for Summer
Two Student Sublets needed for the Summer (June-August). House on Lafayette Street, right off of College Avenue. 2 minute walk to Alexander Library. Looking for two girls or two guys to room in a double. Quiet street, room does not include furniture. Room has two closets and is connected to a shared bathroom. Rent is $510, not including utilities (heat, water, electricity, wifi). Super convenient location, need sublets to move in before June 1st. Message me if youre interested!
4/28/2015 Jimia AveryWrite Comment
Affordable Studio Housing for College Student
I am looking for a studio apartment to live in while I am attending DeVry university. Monthly rent range is about 400-500 dollars. I am transferring to DeVry university New York and they dont have housing facilities. I want to get something Affortable that will not do much harm to my pockets. I am hoping I can work out a deal with the landlord, wanting it to be furnished, all utilities like gas, water, electricity, trash, TV and wifi to Be included. I plan on moving back down to New York the last week of August so like August 28th and I need housing to be prepared and ready to go before I get there. No credit check because I am a college student and I dont have a consigner. I am in foster care still and I am hoping that I can get my housing paid with my financial aid or get a housing grant.
4/11/2015 AlexWrite Comment
Need Student Housing ASAP
Please message me your details and how many beds you have in your facility, me and my friends will contact you
4/3/2015 Natalie N.Write Comment
Housing for future college student
Looking for a location near NYU,rather for an individual or with 2-3 nice roommates. Im currently an out of state student, looking for an apartment for around a year. Willing to pay $800-1000. Need to move in by August 23rd after August 1. Thank you :)
4/1/2015 NancyWrite Comment
Three female NYC college students seeking an apartment for next semester
We are looking for an apartment so we no longer have to commute from Long Island. Our parents will be paying the rent we can provide pay stubs and a security deposit. We are very clean and reliable. Are wiling to work out a contract.
3/25/2015 Omysha CarrigtonWrite Comment
Studio For College Student
Im an 19year old college student. Im looking for an affordable studio, quiet , nice neighborhood , monthly payment and comfortable.
3/27/2015 ChrisWrite Comment
Looking for Housing?
If any of you are looking for housing, hopefully I can help. I am an intern for a real estate company in NYC. If youre looking for more details, shoot me an email
3/27/2015 Kayla DobayWrite Comment
What area are you looking into ? Me and my friend are interested. Are you still looking ?
3/22/2015 Kennedy SmithWrite Comment
Im looking for a summerplace
3/1/2015 SyettaWrite Comment
housing for college student
Will be transferring to another school, soon looking for student apartment.
2/16/2015 Matthew PetersWrite Comment
Where in the area in NYC is it and how much would it be monthly?
2/4/2015 divyaWrite Comment
living in off campus apartments
I am going to be a college student in about 4 months and I am planing to live in off campus apartments which are cheap for college how do I get access to that ....and is it a disadvantage if we cannot drive??
1/6/2015 JoslynWrite Comment
Seeking apartment
I am a 24 year old student seeking an apartment by myself or females. Non smoker,alcaholic or drug. I just need a quiet place to myself to study etc. My home is hectic and loud.
10/29/2014 ErikaWrite Comment
Two young women looking for 2-3 roommates ages 18-25. We are looking for serious inquires only and non-smoking. We are in the process of looking for an apartment but would prefer to have roommates secured first.
9/7/2014 sheilaWrite Comment
housing wanted for college student
Looking for a quiet place on the shoreline to study and compose my book. Please contact me if you know of a one bedroom with bills paid. I also have experience in childcare of mentally disabled young men, if we can do a trade please let me know. Here is my email Best Regards,Sheila
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