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Use the "Quick Search" to find Belize apartment rentals, houses and sublets by lease term, furnished or unfurnished, rent and pets allowed. Use the check boxes left of the rental results to filter Belize apartments and homes by location.

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Belize Rental Housing
 Ambergris Caye - 1   Belize City - 4   Cayo - 1 
 Corozal - 7   Orange Walk - 0   Stann Creek - 5 
 Toledo - 0 
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About Belize Information
Find great Belize rental deals on apartments for rent, houses for rent and townhouses for rent at Belize Find a cheap apartment or house to sublease from the leaseholder or rent an apartment or house from the property owner directly. At Belize tenants and landlords contact each other to rent or sublease apartments, houses, and rooms. Search by any rental criteria to find a Belize landlord with rentals or sublets that meets your needs
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